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HUPHT - Humanities Program, Photography Option, A.A.

Program Title

Humanities Program, Photography Option, A.A.

Program Code


Program Description

This option should be selected by the student who wishes to transfer with a major in photography. Theoretical and applied photography courses coupled with liberal arts prepare the student to transfer and prepare for employment as photographic artists, photo-journalists, photo-illustrators, photo lab technicians, commercial or medical photographers.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

- Demonstrate a mastery of basic and intermediate photographic principles and techniques
- Evaluate photographic images based on technical and artistic quality
- Think critically about the documentary, aesthetic, and metaphoric potential of the photographic medium
- Explain the history and impact of photography on society and the arts
- Distinguish between photographers of historic and artistic significance
- Demonstrate the ability to utilize the photographic medium as a means of communication and personal expression


General Education: 45-48 Credits

As described in the General Education section of the catalog and as identified below:

Career Studies: 12 Credits as Follows:

  • 9 credits as follows:

    • course - Photography I: Film and Darkroom Credits: 3

    • course - Digital Photography I Credits: 3

    • course - Photography II: Film and Darkroom or course - Digital Photography II Credits: 3

  • 3 credits from among the following:

    • course - Portfolio Development Credits: 3

      course - Special Project: Photography Credits: 1-6

Elective: 0-3 Credits

Total Credits Required for Degree: 60

Suggested Sequence

The following sequence is an example of how this degree can be completed in two years. This sequence is based on satisfaction of all Foundational Studies requirements and prerequisites and presumes a Fall Term start date. An individual’s program may vary depending on transfer institution, career objectives, or individual needs. See a counselor for other options and to monitor your progress.

Semester 1: Fall Term

  • course - The History and Aesthetics of Photography Credits: 3

  • course - Photography I: Film and Darkroom Credits: 3

  • course - English Composition: The Writing Process Credits: 3

  • Humanities Credits: 3

  • Mathematics Credits: 3-4 (1)

Total Credits: 15-16

Semester 2: Spring Term

Total Credits: 15-16

Semester 3: Fall Term

Total Credits: 16-17

Semester 4: Spring Term

Total Credits: 12-15

Sequence Note:

(1) A minimum of 12 credits is required from the Mathematics, Science or Technological Competency knowledge areas.