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HUGDS - Humanities Program, Graphic Design Option, A.A.

Program Title

Humanities Program, Graphic Design Option, A.A.

Program Code


Program Description

Students who wish to transfer with majors in graphic design should select this option which combines general education and basic production courses. The option prepares students to transfer to four-year programs which allow them to enter design fields such as corporate design, illustration, graphic design, typography, corporate identity and others.

Graduates of this program will be able to:

- Apply the meaning of corporate identity
- Apply the principles of good illustration
- Demonstrate graphic design
- Apply typography


General Education: 45-48 Credits

As described in the General Education section of the catalog and as identified below:

Career Studies: 12 Credits as Follows

  • course - Typography I Credits: 3

  • course - Typography II Credits: 3

  • course - Graphic Design Production Credits: 3

  • course - Graphic Design Techniques Credits: 3

Electives: 0-3 Credits

Total Credits Required for Degree: 60

Suggested Sequence

The following sequence is an example of how this degree can be completed in two years. This sequence is based on satisfaction of all Foundational Studies requirements and prerequisites and presumes a Fall Term start date. An individual’s program may vary depending on transfer institution, career objectives, or individual needs. See a counselor for other options and to monitor your progress.

Semester 1: Fall Term

Total Credits: 15-17

Semester 2: Spring Term

Total Credits: 15-16

Semester 3: Fall Term

Total Credits: 16

Semester 4: Spring Term

Total Credits: 12-15

Sequence Notes:

(1) A minimum of 12 credits are required from the Mathematics, Science or Technological Competency knowledge areas.

(2) One course is required from the Cultural and Global Awareness knowledge area. Students may meet the requirement while simultaneously fulfilling the General Education requirement for another knowledge area.