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The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program

The EOF program prepares students for college completion, transfer to four-year colleges, workforce entry and responsible citizenship.

Students participating in the EOF program, a state funded college access and student support initiative, are highly motivated, goal-oriented students committed to earning a college degree. In order to be eligible for the program, students must meet financial criteria set by the state and demonstrate a commitment to their academic success. 

A student’s college success is supported by their participation in a comprehensive set of support services sponsored by the program which include a college preparatory summer program for new first-time college students, academic advisement, tutoring, student leadership opportunities, achievement recognition, and career development and transfer services. In addition, based on financial eligibility, each year students are provided a $1,600 EOF State grant to help them manage their college costs and special funding for a variety of educational and career related activities.

Students admitted to the program must meet both academic and financial eligibility requirements. For more information on Brookdale’s E.O.F. admission opportunities, call 732-224-2510 or review the Admission Application from the EOF home page in advance.

The EOF Office is located on the main Lincroft campus in the CAR Building, First Floor, Suite 105. Staff can be reached by calling 732-224-2510.

Rising Leaders Academy

Acknowledging the importance of civic engagement on a local, national and global basis, the mission of the EOF Rising Leaders Academy is to foster EOF student participation in community service, issue advocacy, and public education activities, in addressing societal issues of public concern. Students through participation in a service-based student leadership program develop an awareness of selected issues of interest to them, and as a collective group under the umbrella of the EOF service Leadership Corps, support and contribute to the work of educational, business, governmental, and non-profit communities who are addressing various social justice issues including issues of hunger, homelessness, poverty, environmental sustainability, diversity relations, and political empowerment.

The Rising Leaders Academy at Brookdale Community College offers a small group of EOF students (10-15) financial support in the form of Federal Work Study funds, while participating in the Rising Leaders Academy’s service-based leadership program. The Work Study Funds provide stipends to students for training and enrichment activities and service-based work during the school year. Selection of students is based upon submitting an application, documented financial need, academic record, where applicable EOF program participation record, past service experience, and interest in promoting social change in addressing social problems within the public sphere.

The Rising Leaders Academy is a wonderful opportunity for students who wants to make a contribution to society and are compelled to serve. Program hours are a combination of classroom learning to include exploration and deepening of one’s understanding of selected topical issues and organizations, skill development training, examining the team development process used to carry forward planning and completion of service projects, direct hours of service, and pre-post reflection on both assigned and team developed service projects in which they have participated.

The EOF Office is located on the main Lincroft campus in the CAR Building, First Floor, Suite 105. Staff can be reached by calling 732-224-2510.