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Brookdale’s online courses come to you! Online courses at Brookdale bring college right into your home by delivering credit courses across multiple devices from any location with a broadband Internet connection. Don’t let work schedules, military commitments, childcare, transportation problems, or mobility constraints get in the way of your college education!

Online courses are designed for active learners with good reading, writing, and time management skills; and provide an equivalent learning experience to traditional face-to-face courses.  You may choose to take a combination of online and face-to-face courses or earn a full degree entirely online.

Brookdale currently offers the following degree programs fully online:

·         Business Administration, A.S.

·         English, Humanities, A.A.

·         History, Social Sciences, A.A.

·         Liberal Education, Humanities, A.A.

·         Political Science Option, Social Sciences, A.A.

·         Psychology, Social Sciences, A.A.

·         Sociology Option, Social Sciences, A.A.

·         Social Sciences. A.A.

·         Cybersecurity Academic Credit Certificate of Achievement

Online courses are not self-paced; they follow a calendar with prescribed due dates to encourage interaction with course material, with your professors, and with your classmates. Some courses may require proctored testing at the discretion of the instructor. You will use the learning management system Canvas to access your courses and to get academic support.

To find out more about whether online courses are right for you, visit Brookdale's Online Courses website; call 732-224-2089 or email