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Monmouth County Residents - The tuition rate as well as a maximum amount per term, is set by the Brookdale Board of Trustees. It is published in the current online Catalog and on the Brookdale website on the tuition and fees page. (Special tuition rates may be in effect for persons 65 years and older.). Changes in tuition become effect each year on July 1st.

Tuition - $167.00 per credit, maximum $2,505.00 per term for Monmouth County residents based on a 15-credit maximum per term; $271.00 per credit, maximum $4,065.00 per term for other New Jersey residents; $296.00 per credit, maximum $4,440.00 per term for out-of-state residents. Tuition for online courses is charged at $167.00 per credit.

Fees - Application $25 (non-refundable); Official Transcripts $6; Late Registration $30 (begins with first day of the term). A $10 Change of Program fee will be charged to students who change their major.  Fees to be added to tuition include a $42.00 per credit general services fee, maximum of $630.00 per term.  All fees are non-refundable once a term begins. Students registering for 16 credits or more in the long terms (Fall/Spring) pay no additional tuition or general service fees. A $65 non-refundable fee will be charged to students who wish to use and set-up a payment plan.

Returned Check Fee - A charge of $25 shall be assessed for all checks issued to the College and not paid upon presentation to the bank.

Educational Records Reproduction Fee - Each student requiring reproduction of educational records other than transcripts shall pay $.25 per page reproduced with a minimum fee of $1.00.

Credit by Examination - The regular tuition schedule applies to credits earned by examination. When credit is not granted, an examination fee of $30 is paid.

Armed Forces personnel and their dependents stationed in Monmouth County are eligible for the same rates as regular Monmouth County residents. Veterans and their families are also encouraged to speak with the Veterans Services Certifying Official. For a consultation visit the Veterans Services website or stop in the Veterans Center in MAC 112 for additional information on tuition, fees and benefits available.

National Guard Members & Dependents - Tuitional shall be waived to a maximum of 15 credits per semester for National Guard members and their eligible dependents. All fees shall be charge at the prevailing rate. Class space is available as of the first day of Open Registration for each semester. To be eligible for this program, National Guard members must apply for all available financial aid.

Persons on Unemployment - Persons receiving unemployment benefits in New Jersy shall have tuition waived. Enrollment shall be on a seat-available basis, and tuition paying students shall constitute the minimum number required for a course. All fees shall be charged at the prevailing rate. To be eligible for the tuition waiver, students must request the Unemployment Tuition Waiver Request form from the Registration and Records office and present the form along with the waiver from Unemployment at time of registration. A student may register on the first day of the term ONLY or any day after the start of the term

Volunteer Fire Fighters, First Aid or Rescue Squad Members - Tuition up to a maximum of $600 per year, not to exceed a maximum of $2,400 total for the member and member’s family over a 4-year period, shall be waived for active members in good standing of a volunteer fire company, or volunteer first aid or rescue squad and/or their spouse and dependent children. Enrollment shall be on a seat-available basis, and tuition-paying students shall constitute the minimum number required for a course. All fees shall be charged at the prevailing rates. To be eligible for the waiver, a student may register on the first day of the term ONLY or any day after the start of the term. 

Senior Citizens (65 or older) residing in Monmouth County who enroll at Brookdale on a seat-available basis are eligible for a tuition waiver. New Senior Citizen students may obtain a Tuition Waiver Form from the Registration and Records Office in the CAR building (parking lot #5). While there is no charge for tuition, senior students are required to pay general services fees and lab fees. Senior citizen students who wish to register for courses on a seat-available basis will be permitted to register in person on specific days at the start of a particular term. See the Important Term Dates for Senior Citizen registration dates.