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Graduation Requirements

From the beginning of a college career at Brookdale, students must be aware of the requirements for graduation for their particular program. These requirements include the general education component specified for each type of degree (see General Education) plus the career studies that may be listed as set requirements or may involve choices. All of these are listed in the individual program descriptions that can be found here . Counselors work with students in selecting courses geared toward graduation and toward meeting the student’s academic, personal and career goals. The courses necessary for awarding of Brookdale certificates are also clearly listed in the catalog. No more than 50% of the credits towards a degree can be accepted from another college or from CLEP and other equivalency testing programs toward Brookdale graduation. In addition, half of a program’s career studies credits must be earned at Brookdale. For certificates, one half of the total credits must be earned at Brookdale. A candidate for a degree or certificate must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) or higher.

Students who wish to graduate from Brookdale should be aware that, in most cases, the final 15 credits toward a degree or certificate must be taken at Brookdale. In certain cases, the Associate Vice President of Student Affairs may waive this requirement and students may earn their final 15 credits at another institution. The student develops a contract, working with the counselor and the Associate Vice President, to transfer the credits back to Brookdale. The contract will be filed with the student’s records. When students meet the contract’s terms, they should apply to the Associate Vice President, Student Affairs for a Brookdale degree and be ready to show that the contract’s terms were met.

The graduation requirements in force during a degree student’s first term are those by which the courses will be selected and evaluated for graduation. Should a program change during a student’s tenure at Brookdale, the student may still graduate by meeting the requirements in force during the first term of that program. Students who withdraw for a year and are later re-admitted or change programs must follow graduation requirements in effect in the re-entry term/year. In rare circumstances, a course substitution may be made for a program requirement. Institute Dean Approval is required for the substitution.

Exceptions to these rules may be made for persons attending Brookdale as members of the Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC).

A Candidacy for Graduation Application must be filed online or with a Counselor by students who wish to receive an Associate Degree or Certificate from Brookdale Community College. The Candidacy for Graduation Application should be filed at the beginning of the term in which the student plans to complete requirements for graduation. This application must be submitted by the following deadlines:

Summer II & III Terms - July 2nd
Fall Terms - October 31st
Winterim - December 12th
Spring & Summer I Terms - March 8th

Each year, candidates for graduation will be charged a fee to cover graduation expenses, such as cap and gown, diploma, etc.

Commencement exercises are held in May each year. Notification to candidates is sent in March and diplomas are mailed within 12 weeks after certification.