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Financial Aid & Paying for College

Brookdale is actively seeking to remove all economic barriers for all students who desire a college education but encounter difficulty in achieving this goal because of financial circumstances. Brookdale encourages all students to apply for Financial Aid.

Financial Aid Eligibility

  • You must be admitted to a degree or certificate program; be a matriculated student (degree seeking, not visiting); have a high school diploma or earned a GED; or completed at least a two-year program that is acceptable for full credit towards a BA degree.

  • Full-time and part-time students may receive financial aid.

  • You must be a U.S. citizen or an eligible non-citizen to qualify for federal financial aid. If you do not qualify for federal aid and you are a NJ State resident for at least a year, you can apply for NJ State aid.

  • You must be making satisfactory academic progress as defined by Federal, State and Brookdale regulations.

  • You must not be in default or owe a refund on a federal grant or educational loan.

For a complete description, go to the Financial Aid website, visit the One Stop Center located on the first floor in the CAR building or any of the Student Success Centers at the regional locations.

How To Apply For Financial Aid And What Happens After You Apply

  • Students must complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) annually. The FAFSA is available October 1st every year. File your FAFSA ON-LINE. 

  • If you are not able to complete a FAFSA because you are not a US Citizen or an eligible non-citizen, you may be eligible to apply for State financial aid. Complete your Alternative FAFSA on-line.

  • Once you are notified by the Financial Aid Office, visit your Financial Aid Self-Service portal.

  • Some aid is awarded on a first-come first-served basis. If you apply late, be prepared to pay all term charges yourself with the possibility of getting financial aid after the term begins.

  • The New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (NJHESAA) also has application deadlines to determine TAG/EOF and CCOG eligibility. Processing may take up to 30 days. 

  • As long as you indicated Brookdale as one of your college choices on your FAFSA, Brookdale will receive the results within a few days after you electronically filed your FAFSA and electronically signed your FAFSA. The FAFSA is used to determine eligibility for all sources of financial aid. The FAFSA results include an analysis of the family’s ability to contribute to student’s educational expenses which are referred to as the Expected Family Contribution (EFC). The EFC is subtracted from the Cost of Attendance and the result is the student’s financial need.

  • After completing all requests made by NJHESAA you will get an email requiring that you log on to the NJHESAA FAMS portal. There you will learn about your potential eligibility and if there is additional information needed to determine if you qualify for State financial aid. Brookdale will receive notification if you are eligible and adjust the award if you attend Part-Time. EOF is determined by the EOF office at Brookdale.

  • Brookdale’s Financial Aid Office will send emails to the students Brookdale email address if additional information is needed to determine if you are eligible. You will be instructed to visit your Financial Aid Self- Service portal. Your financial aid will not be processed until all requirements are met.

  • Once your file is complete you will receive an email alerting you to check your Financial aid Self- Service for the results of your financial aid eligibility. Once you are registered for classes and after 24 hours, you can check your Student Account portal to see your balance and if financial aid is covering any of your costs.

  • To receive a Federal Direct Loan first time borrowers must complete Entrance Loan Counseling and a Master Promissory Note online at Each year you must also complete an on-line Student Loan Request Form found on your Financial Aid Self-Service portal.

Estimated Financial Aid Cost of Attendance

For an estimated cost of attendance see the Financial Aid website and select the Net Price Calculator link. The calculator  provides estimated net price information (defined as estimated cost of attendance - including tuition and required fees, books and supplies, room and board (meals), and other related expenses - minus estimated grant and scholarship aid) to current and prospective students and their families based on what similar students paid in a previous year.  The calculator does not represent a final determination, or actual award of financial assistance or a final net price; it is strictly an estimate. Cost of attendance and financial aid availability change year to year. The estimates shall not be binding on the Secretary of Education, the institution of higher education, or the State.


Financial Aid Programs At Brookdale

Grants/Scholarships -

Money you do not have to pay back.

  • Federal Pell Grant - Grants are per EFC and awards range from $591.00 - $5,815.00 (contingent on federal funding) per year.

  • Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) - Additional grants awarded to Pell recipients, amount depends on financial need and available funds. Approximately $400.00 per year.

  • New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant (TAG) - Grants are available for full and part-time students. Award values at Brookdale range from $305 to $3,106 per year.

  • New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund Grant (EOF) - Grants are awarded based on academic AND financial need as determined by the EOF office. Awards range from $264 to $1,250.

  • NJSTARS - Students who are enrolled in at least 12 College level credits and do not require remedial study, who graduated from their high school in the top 15% of their class are eligible for 5 terms of free tuition.

  • Community College Opportunity Grant (CCOG) - Dependent students whose parents’ income or Independent students whose income is $65,000 or less, may qualify for free tuition. CCOG is a last dollar scholarship. 

  • Brookdale Community College Foundation and Alumni Association - Limited scholarships are awarded for academic achievement and other special criteria. Visit the Brookdale Foundation and Alumni Association websites for a complete listings and additional information.

Loans -

Money borrowed that must be repaid.

  • Federal Direct Subsidized Loan - $5,500 for first year students and $6,500 for 2nd year students enrolled in a program that is a full academic year program.  Repayment begins six months after student drops to less than half-time status; student has up to 10 years to repay. Interest rate is 0% in school (subsidized by federal government) and it is 4.99% as soon as the student drops below 6 credits.  Repayment begins 6 months later. 

  • Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan - If a student is not eligible to receive funds from the subsidized loan, a combination of subsidized and unsubsidized loans may not exceed $9500 for first year students and $10,500. for second year students. The interest is 6.54% and repayment terms are the same, except interest is not subsidized and will accrue during in-school and six-month grace periods.

  • Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) - Annual loan limit is the dependent student`s cost of education minus any estimated financial aid received. Repayment begins within sixty days of disbursement, or 6 months after the student stops attending at least 6 credits, with up to ten years to repay. Interest rate is a fixed 7.54%.

  • Alternative Loans - Alternative loans should be a last resort for students whose financial aid package already includes Federal Direct Loans and other sources of financial aid and still needs additional funding to meet their educational costs. Annual loan limit is the cost of education minus any financial aid received. Eligibility is determined by the lender. The borrower must be credit worthy and have established annual income, or need a co-signer. Brookdale does not associate or advise students on alternative loan lenders.

Work -

Money earned from work and paid to student bi-monthly.

  • Federal College Work Study - awarded on the basis of financial need and available funds; students are paid bimonthly at a rate between $9.00 and $13.00 per hour depending on work level.

  • Student Help - Work in College Bookstore, Mail Room, Student Activities and other locations; students are paid bimonthly at a rate of between $9.00 and $13.00 per hour depending on work level.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Need help completing the FAFSA? (Free Application for Federal Student Aid): Call 800-433-3243

  • Questions regarding status of your state aid: Call 800-792-8670

  • Hearing Impaired? TTY calls only - 1-800-730-8913

Correcting Mistakes And Missing Information

All information on your financial aid application must be complete and accurate. Corrections can be done on line at


Return of Title IV Funds

The Higher Education Amendment of 1998 stipulates that a recalculation of a financial aid award must be completed for any Title IV recipient who totally withdraws from Brookdale Community College. The federal recalculation formula calculates how much Title IV program assistance is earned for attendance up through the 60% point of the term. More information regarding this process is available in the Financial Aid Office. Please speak to a Financial Aid Administrator if you have any questions.

Loss of Student Eligibility for Federal Aid due to Drug Conviction

The Higher Education Amendments of 1998 include an eligibility provision. A student is ineligible for federal student aid if convicted, under federal or state law, of any offense involving the possession or sale of a controlled substance during a period of enrollment in which federal student aid was received. Federal aid can be grants, student loans, and/or college work study. The period of ineligibility begins on the date of conviction and lasts until the end of a statutorily specified period. The student may regain eligibility early by completing a drug rehabilitation program or if the conviction is overturned.

Section 484®*, Higher Education Act of 1965, detailing the suspension of eligibility for drug-related offenses and rehabilitation, follows.

® Suspension of Eligibility for Drug-Related Offenses.

  1. In general - A student who has been convicted of any offense under any Federal or State law involving the possession or sale of a controlled substance shall not be eligible to receive any grant, loan, or work assistance under this title during the period beginning on the date of such conviction and ending after the interval specified in the following table:

If convicted of an offense involving:
The possession of a controlled substance:

Ineligibility period is


First offense

1 year


Second offense

2 years


Third offense


The sale of a controlled substance:
Ineligibility period is:


First offense

2 years


Second offense



  1. Rehabilitation - A student whose eligibility has been suspended under paragraph (1) may resume eligibility before the end of the ineligibility period determined under such paragraph if -

    1. the student satisfactorily completes a drug rehabilitation program that -

      1. complies with such criteria as the Secretary shall prescribe in regulations for purposes of this paragraph; and

      2. includes two unannounced drug tests; or

    2. the conviction is reversed, set aside, or otherwise rendered nugatory.

Definitions - In this subsection, the term “controlled substance” has the meaning given the term in section 102(6) of the Controlled Substances Act (21 U.S.C.802(6)).

*This subsection was added by section 483(f) of the Higher Education Amendments of 1998 (H.R. 6).

For more information see the Financial Aid website.


Brookdale maintains an agreement with Rutgers University, the Army ROTC and/or the Air Force ROTC to provide two and three year scholarships for qualified students. For more information on the Army ROTC call 732-932-3217, or go to

For more information on the Air Force ROTC call 732-932-7706, ext. 20 or go to

Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOC)

Brookdale Community College is a member of the Servicemembers Opportunity College sponsored by the American Association of Community and Junior Colleges and the education agencies of the Department of Defense. As a SOC College, Brookdale commits to meeting the educational needs of Armed Forces personnel and their dependents. Brookdale is also a member of a national collegiate program, sponsored by the SOC Consortium, designed to allow service members to earn degrees even though an enrolled member relocates away from the home institution. The program is called Servicemembers Opportunity College Associate Degree (SOCAD) in the Army and Servicemembers Opportunity College (SOCNAV) in the Navy. Through these programs the service members and their dependents may enroll at Brookdale for a planned program and receive optimum credit for technical training and experience, up to 45 credits. Service members enrolled in SOCAD/SOCNAV programs can rest assured that credits equivalent to course requirements at Brookdale earned at other institutions will be accepted toward a Brookdale degree. All SOC Consortium institutions offer program planning and have personnel ready to assist the service member in completing degree requirements. Information about Brookdale’s SOCAD/SOCNAV is handled through the Continuing and Professional Studies unit of Brookdale and by Base education offices. For information call 732-224-2068.  The program at Brookdale is open to all Armed Forces personnel stationed or residing in Monmouth County, and their dependents.

Tuition Waivers

There are also three other opportunities to “pay” for tuition. Tuition waivers (tuition charges waived) are provided for the unemployed student with a waiver from state employment services; firefighters and first aid volunteers obtain waivers from their municipalities; and lastly, family dependents of victims of 9/11. For additional information, contact the Financial Aid Office by calling 732-224-2361. Waivers are valid for the Academic Year, which runs July 1st through June 30th each year.

The unemployed student, firefighters and first aid volunteers may not pre-register. They must wait until the first day of any semester to register and have their tuition waived.

Special At Brookdale

The Brookdale Community College Foundation

The Brookdale Community College Foundation ( is a private, non-profit, tax-exempt organization. The mission of the Foundation is to raise money for student scholarship programs, building and capital expansion projects, and educational and curriculum enrichment programs.

Foundation Trustees are elected to three-year terms and represent Monmouth County’s business, corporate, community and professional leaderships.

Gifts to the Foundation’s Annual Access and Opportunity Scholarship, and the “Securing the Vision” Library Endowment Campaign are tax-exempt under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. Bequests and charitable trusts are also ways that donors can leave a legacy of support.

Students needing financial assistance from the Foundation should apply through the College Financial Aid Office. A number of scholarships are available each year for both full and part-time students at the College.

Tuition Installment Plan

Students enrolling for credit courses in any term may participate in a tuition installment plan with Nelnet. Students must be in good financial standing to participate and there is an initial $60 non-refundable fee per term at the time of application. Payment schedules will differ depending on the term. Questions? Call Nelnet directly at 800-307-6641. Please have your student ID number, term and amount due available when you call.  Students may also visit the website ( to review account activity and payment options.