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Student Services

Services To Students

Student Success Centers

The Student Success Centers provide students at the regional locations with a wide range of services to support their college experience. In addition to open computer labs and study spaces, the Student Success Centers provide registration, admission, financial aid, testing services as well as advising and counseling. Students can also find academic support in math, computer science, reading and writing as well as student life programs specific to the regional location. For the Center nearest you, visit the Regional Locations website.

One Stop Center for Student Services

Brookdale’s One Stop Center provides streamlined services for Admissions, Registration and Financial Aid in a central location. Students and community members can speak to a One Stop Specialist and get answers to a variety of questions including, applying to the college, registering, adding or dropping courses, getting or sending transcripts, financial aid information and much more. Students may also pick up and drop off various forms, such as chargebacks documents and enrollment verifications. Staff are also available to assist students with the self-service tools in Student Planning and WebAdvisor - they will be able to do most eveything online themselves. For students who prefer the in-person experience, the Center has open computers so students can complete their online processes and get immediate assitance from staff if needed.  The Center is conveniently located on the first floor of the CAR Building (Parking Lot 5) on the Lincroft Campus. Questions? Call the Once Stop Center for Student Services at 732-224-2020.

The Bankier Library

The Bankier Library provides a variety of study and research environments. The Information Commons is the largest open computer lab on campus with more than 200 networked PCs. The librarians and associates at the Help Desk can assist students with their research needs.

Wireless access at any Brookdale location is available with student Brookdale email login name and password. Remote access to library resources also requires your email name and password.

Power outlets for portable computers are found in all the individual carrels and group study rooms.

The College OneCard/Student ID is required to reserve group study rooms or to borrow books, video, laptops, and ipads.

Library hours are posted on the web site or by phone: 732-224-2706.

Computing Facilities

Computers for student use are located throughout the Lincroft campus and at each of the regional locations in the Student Success Centers. There are “open labs” that allow students additional access time with academic tutors who are available to answer technical questions. While many of these facilities are limited to students enrolled in the supported classes, open labs are available in the Reading and Writing Center in Larrison Hall, the Math Lab in the MAS building and the Information Commons in the Bankier Library.

Students should familiarize themselves with the College policy and regulations concerning appropriate computer use. In particular, the unauthorized distribution of copyrighted material, including unauthorized peer-to-peer file sharing. Doing so may subject the user to civil and/or criminal liabilities. Please refer to College Regulation 2.9000R, Computer Resources, Network and Facilities Use.

The Scroll and Pen Book Store

Brookdale’s Scroll & Pen Bookstore is under the management of E-Follett. The retail store is located in the Warner Student Life Center (parking lots 6 and 7), and the online store provides your textbook needs plus art supplies, technology items, spirit wear and much more!

Visit the online Scroll & Pen at

Textbook Information

Information regarding course textbooks and supplemental materials is available on the College website. Students will find the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) as well as the retail price. If the ISBN is not available, the book author, title, publisher and copyright date will be available.  Book information for each course section is available through Search for Classes located on Brookdale’s home page.  Search for the class section for a particular term, click the course title in the Section Name and Title column to view the option to “View Book Information.”

For information on textbook rental, book buyback, and Scroll and Pen Bookstore hours visit

Dining Services

The Jersey Blues Café is Brookdale`s main dining room, where waking up with Culinart is the way to start the day! Made-to-order omelets, eggs, pancakes, and other assorted food items are available for your convenience. The hours of operation for the Jersey Blues Dining Room are Monday-Thursday, 7:30AM to 5PM and 7:30AM to 2:00 PM on Fridays. Light dining is also available in Larrison Hall from 8AM to 8PM Monday-Thursday and 8AM to 2PM on Friday’s during the terms. In addition, assorted vending machines are located throughout the campus for students and staff.  If you need more information, please call 732-224-2502 or visit the Culinart Catering Services website.

Office of the Vice President - Student Affairs

The Office of the Vice President - Student Affairs is the official unit of the College concerned with providing services to the student population and directing other College units designed to enhance the quality of student education and social life. The Associate Vice President serves as the chief student advocate and the official liaison between students and the College administration.

Advisors and Counselors

Academic Advising
Academic Advisors help students select the courses that meet their educational goals.  In addition, Academic Advisors can approve courses and help students plan for graduation and transfer from Brookdale.  They can also show students how to register online for future semesters using Student Planning. Students may not need to obtain course approvals each term. Advisors operate on a walk-in basis so there is are no scheduled student appointments. Wait times for advising typically get longer as the start of the semester draws closer. Academic Advisors are located on the second floor of the CAR building and at each of the Regional Locations. Contact your local Regional Location for availability and appointment information.

 Educational Counseling

Counselors are the college faculty who can assist with a student’s adjustment to college and their personal development.  Counselors focus on supporting college success by helping students set personal and educational goals. They further assist students with the selection of a career path based on goals and how to achieve success. They also work with students who are looking for reinstatement after an academic dismissal or suspension as well as financial aid suspensions.

Counseling services are by appointment only; for an appointment at Lincroft, call 732-224-2555, or stop in during regular business hours. Hours of operations are Monday to Thursday, 9AM to 7PM, Friday, 9AM to 4:30PM and Saturday, 9AM to Noon. For walk-in advising services, please plan to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to closing. Contact your local Regional Location for availability and appointment information.

Your conversations with us are confidential and in a safe, supportive and accepting environment. We can help you clarify issues, provide support and guidance and work toward solutions. Your wellbeing is very important to us. To schedule a confidential appointment with a personal counselor, call 732-224-2986. We can also refer you to other resources at the College or in the community if you need additional outside services and/or support.

NOTE: While Advisors and Counselors make recommendations, and formally approve courses, students are ultimately responsible and accountable for final course selection, registration, and degree completion. 


Backed by passionate coaches and administrators, Brookdale’s intercollegiate program is nationally recognized. The Jersey Blues’ teams compete in the Garden State Athletic Conference (GSAC) and Region XIX as part of the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). The department emphasizes that the “student” comes first in “student-athlete” therefore all participants of Brookdale athletics must be deemed eligible by the standards set  by the NJCAA. All rules and regulations for participation can be found on the NJCAA website or by contacting the Athletic Department at 732-224-2377.

The Athletic Department sponsors the following sports each academic year:


Men's & Women's Cross Country

Men's & Women's Soccer

Women's Tennis

Women's Volleyball


Men’s and Women’s Basketball


Men’s Tennis
Men’s Lacrosse


Brookdale Community College enhances the academic college experience with a wide array of extracurricular activities. The Athletic Department provides a diverse range of programs to encourage physical well being as a lifetime endeavor for full and part-time students alike. The intramural and recreational programs are open to all registered students. For more information regarding the intramural program, contact the Athletics Department at 732-224-2377.

The Office of Student Life and Activities

The Office of Student Life and Activities provides services and programs to assist Brookdale students to become more broadly educated and to develop improved interpersonal relationships. Student Life accomplishes this through student services such as the Student Life Board, College-wide activities, recreation and intramurals, intercollegiate athletics and clubs and organizations.

The Office of Student Life and Activities is located in the Donald D. Warner Student Life Center room SLC 101. Lauren Brutsman is the Director of Student Life and Activities and can be reached via email at or by calling 732-224-2390.

The Student Life Board (SLB) is Brookdale’s version of student government, programming board and finance board all in one. The student members of the Board are afforded excellent experiences to learn about group processes, leadership methods, management and logistical skills. The organization is made up of student members interested in bringing exciting, quality programs to Brookdale. Programs sponsored by the Board include films, lectures, comedy performances, concerts, cultural programs and social events. The Student Life Board also promotes working relationships with surrounding colleges; exchanging program and organizational ideas as well as collaborating on programming.

The members of SLB and the staff of Student Life and Activities combine their talents to plan and implement a total activities program including bus and theater trips, concerts, dances, and performing and creative arts experiences. If students would like to participate in the selection and production process, contact the Student Life Board at 732-224-2647, or the Office of Student Life and Activities at 732-224-2390. Offices are located in the lower level of the Student Life Center in SLC 101.

At the beginning of each semester, the Student Activities Calendar, which outlines the events for the entire term, is posted online, event posters and flyers are also distributed across campus.

Student Ambassador Program

The Student Ambassadors are paid trained student-leaders who represent Brookdale Community College in a variety of ways.  They manage operational aspects of the Warner Student Life Center and the information kiosk on the first floor of the CAR building. They provide support for a wide range of events and activities sponsored by the departments of Student Life and Admissions Office; they act as small group leaders at new student orientation; they are the public face of the College. Student Ambassadors perform their jobs and work with the public, staff and students, while always demonstrating respect, teamwork, integrity, courteousness and professional behavior.

Student Ambassadors prepare for their position by training at the end of August each year. Beyond department skills sets that they use on the job, they also participate in customer service training, emergency management training with the Brookdale Police department and review FERPA protocols with representatives from the Registrar’s office. Student Ambassadors also complete a yearlong training workshop called the Student Ambassador Leadership Institute (SALI). This training experience compliments the training that Ambassadors receive in their assigned work areas, SALI also provides sessions in areas that will be beneficial not only in the Ambassador positions, but also in the students’ personal and professional lives beyond Brookdale.

Career & Leadership Development

The Career and Leadership Development Department offers programs designed to complement the student’s academic study with “hands-on” experiences in the real world, opportunities to develop leadership skills and services to help them attain their career goals. Whether placed with an employer in a work experience related to their major, or volunteering in a community service project as an integrated component of their course work, students develop valuable skills for the future. Programs and Services include:

  • Internships (Credit & Non-credit)

  • Service Learning (Volunteer)

  • Education Field Experience

  • Work Study/Student Help

  • Career Related Workshops

  • Leadership Development Seminars

  • Alumni Services

The benefits of experiential learning are clear. Participants are better prepared for career decision-making, as they move into either permanent employment or continue their education. Participants have a greater “edge” in securing a job, and enrolling in a four-year college. All activities are recorded on the student’s transcript. 

Students interested in participating in either Internship (credit or non-credit) must meet program eligibility. All students must be: (1) matriculated/degree students, (2) have completed the number of course credits in their major required by the department and (3) have the approval of an instructor and a Career Services Representative. Both credit and non-credit  internships require the completion of learning objectives, employer evaluation and an evaluation meeting with a Career Representative. Internship courses are typically denoted by the 299 course code.

NOTE:  Please be aware that a valid U.S. Social Security number may be required for completion of some academic programs that require an internship or placement in organizations that require a background check.

Service-Learning combines academic study and community service, providing a unique opportunity for students to learn through active participation in organized service. Service-Learning puts “education into action.”

Education Field Experience
Students wishing to transfer Education105 must complete 60 hours of field observation, coordinated through the Career and Leadership Development office.

Work Study/Student Help
Students who qualify under financial aid for the Work Study Program, work with Career Representatives for an appropriate on-campus or off-campus job.  Students who are in good academic standing and are currently enrolled for a minimum of six (6) credits may be able to find on-campus work opportunities through the Student Help Program. Positions are competitive.

NOTE: Students convicted for any criminal offense involving drugs will result in loss of eligibility for Financial Aid student employment.

Career Related Workshops
Workshops offer currently enrolled students an overview of the skills needed for effective career planning, highlighting assessment tools, effective decision-making, how to gather and integrate career information, communicating your skills, making the transfer from classroom to work.

Leadership Development Seminars
Students will learn how to deal with conflict, work successfully in groups, decision-making strategies and many other leadership skills and qualities.

Alumni Services
Brookdale students near graduation or those who have already graduated, are eligible for job search assistance, resume writing/interview skill workshops, access to our online job database, as well as interviews with interested employers.

Contact the office at 732-224-2792, or visit MAC 105.

Clubs and Organizations

All students enrolled at Brookdale Community College are automatically members of the Associated Students of Brookdale Community College (ASBCC). Membership enables student participation in the activities program at the College. As part of that program there are clubs and organizations to supplement a student’s classroom experiences as well as special interest groups. Each group is supervised by a member of Student Life and Activities and a BCC faculty or staff advisor who is appointed annually by the Office of Student Life and Activities.

The actual list of organized student clubs and organizations varies each year as new interests emerge. Stop by the Office of Student Life and Activities, SLC Room 101, call (732) 224-2390 or visit the Student Life website for the most up-to-date club and organization listings.

Honor Societies

Phi Theta Kappa
Phi Theta Kappa is a national honor society/service organization that recognizes academic achievement among two-year college students. A student is invited to join if the cumulative GPA is 3.7 or above, if the student has completed 12 college credits and is matriculated into a major. Alpha Pi Theta, the Brookdale PTK chapter, is not only concerned with academic achievement but also encourages the four Phi Theta Kappa hallmarks of Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Fellowship through club-sponsored activities and programs including regional and national workshops and conferences. The Chapter office is located in the Clubs and Organizations Room in the Student Life Center, Room SLC 109. Call (732) 224-2427 for more information.

Psi Beta
Psi Beta is the National Honor Society in Psychology for two year colleges. It was founded in 1981 to recognize the scholastic achievements of students in Psychology. The Brookdale Chapter was established in 2002 and was recognized as the 2005 Wadsworth Publishers Outstanding Psi Beta Chapter. Psi Beta is open to students from any majors who have: at least a 3.2 GPA, completed 12 college credits (applicable towards a degree), completed at least one college psychology course and have received a grade of “B” or higher in every completed psychology course. Being a member provides opportunities for leadership, participation in research projects, attendance at regional conferences, special lectures, programs and much more. Upon graduation, Brookdale Psi Beta members are distinguished by special mention in the program and the opportunity to wear identifying cords or stoles.

New Jersey Collegiate Business Administration Association Honors Society
The New Jersey Collegiate Business Administration Association Honors Society is a statewide organization which is sponsored by two-and four-year colleges with business programs. This society recognizes annually exceptional scholastic achievement based on GPA. Only the top 1% of students in Brookdale’s Business Administration program are eligible. For more information contact the Business Department at 732-224-2894.

Lambda Epsilon Chi
Lambda Epsilon Chi (LEX) is a nationally known academic honor society for paralegal students. Sponsored by the American Association for Paralegal Education (AAfPE), the society offers students national scholarship opportunities, participation in regional, state and local conferences and networking opportunities with other legal professionals. Candidates for membership in LEX must have completed at least 40 credits (60 credit program) and have achieved a GPA of 3.5 or higher in 2/3 of legal specialty courses. Contact the Legal Studies Department, 732-224-2200 for more information.

Lambda Nu
Lambda Nu is the national honor society for radiologic and imaging sciences. To qualify as a member, students must be admitted to the Radiologic Technology program, maintain a GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in professional courses, enroll as a full-time student for at least one semester and demonstrate commitment to the profession of Radiologic Technology through professional organizations.

National Society of Leadership and Success

The National Society of Leadership and Success builds learders who make a better world by creating a community on campus where like-minded success oriented students come together and help one another succeed. The Society provides everything to build the leadership, career and life skills for students on campus. For more information, visit the Career and Leadership Development office in MAC 105.


Brookdale maintains transfer agreements with upper level institutions through the Transfer Resources/Articulation Office. This office works with institute deans, faculty and administrators to develop agreements that coordinate curricula and ensure maximum transferability of general education and transfer program career courses. Call 732-224-2015 for information. Additional information can be found on the Transfer Resources/Articulation webpage. Students will be able to review New Jersey Transfer Law, articulation and dual-admission agreements as well as a number of transfer links to other colleges.

High School Programs

The Technology Preparation program is a collaboration between Brookdale Community College and area high schools.  College and high school faculty work together to integrate college level work into select high school courses.  Students who complete these courses are given the opportunity to earn college credits at Brookdale Community College.

High school juniors and seniors may take advantage of Brookdale’s Dual Enrollment Program.  Selected Brookdale credit courses will be open to high school juniors and seniors at any Brookdale location.  For further information, call 732-224-2574.

Testing Services

The Office of Testing Services offers many services to both students and members of the surrounding community. The Testing Services office is located on the first floor of the Bankier Library. Visit the Testing Services website or call 732-224-2584 for information.

Testing Services For Brookdale Students

  • All new degree students entering the College may be required to take the Brookdale Placement Test which includes a measurement of reading (in-house test), mathematics (ALEKS test), and a writing questionnaire. Full or partial waivers may be granted for a variety of circumstances (See Pre-Registration Testing). Advisors will use the results of this placement test to assist students in choosing first semester classes.

  • Students may wish to take advantage of career assessment services available and should see their counselor to discuss the assessment services. Students will be referred to the Office of Testing Services and will take the tests at their convenience. The results and an interpretation will be forwarded to the counselor. Students should make an appointment with their counselor to discuss the results and interpretation. All test results are held in the strictest confidence.

  • Brookdale students may be referred to the Testing Center for course testing by an instructor for a variety of reasons, including retests and make up exams. Testing for alternate delivery courses (distance education, online remote live, or online remote hybrid courses) is also done in the Testing Center. Occasionally, exams may be scheduled in the Testing Center because of unscheduled class cancellations.

  • Candidates for entry into one of Brookdale’s Health Science Programs must take an admissions test. When students are eligible for entry into the program, the student will be sent an invitation for admission testing.

Testing Services for the Community

  • CLEP is a credit-by-examination program for students who have gained knowledge elsewhere - in school, in the military, through independent study, or through other life experiences. Passing these tests may allow a student to bypass these subjects in which college-level knowledge has already been gained. With time and money saved, students can take more interesting and challenging courses. It is possible to earn 30 credits at Brookdale through CLEP, and credits from these exams are accepted at over 2,000 colleges and universities throughout the country. See the website for more information.

  • Distance Education students from other institutions may take exams at Brookdale’s Testing Center. Brookdale is a member of the Consortium of College Testing Centers and has been awarded Test Center Certification by the National College Testing Association.

  • The Testing Center is contracted with Pearson Vue and delivers a variety of certification exams. Please visit the Pearson Vue website for additional details.

  • Brookdale’s Lincroft campus now offers High School Equivalency Testing in both English and Spanish. Please visit the Testing Services website for test preparation and registration information.

  • The Testing Center also administers exams for Meazure and various other certification tests.

Testing Services Policies

  • All students and test takers, including visiting students, must present a valid Brookdale Student ID or government issued photo ID to take a test.

  • All personal items including turned off cell phones, watches and hats must be placed in lockers. Lockers are located inside the Testing Center.

  • Time constraints, including closing times of the Testing Center will be strictly followed.

  • The Testing Center strictly adheres to the Academic Standards of the College and will report all violations.

Testing Services Hours
The Testing Center is open Monday through Friday. Students should arrive no later than two hours before closing for all academic course testing and three hours for all other testing. For hours of service visit the Testing Services website or call 732-224-2660.

Adult Basic Education

Brookdale Community College offers ABE/GED classes and ESL Levels I, 2,3.  For information visit the Adult Basic Education webpage. Classes are held day and evening at the regional locations in Freehold, Hazlet, Long Branch, and Neptune Higher Education Centers.  ABE/GED classes prepare individuals to take the GED test.  For additional information and resources for the GED test visit the Testing Services webpage for GED Testing.

Services to Special Interest Groups

Persons with Disabilities

Brookdale Community College offers individualized accommodations and/or services to persons with disabilities. Students with disabilities must identify themselves, provide documentation of their disability and request appropriate services. The first point of contact should be with the Director of Disability Services, Mr. Ernest Oversen, who can be reached by calling 732-224-2730 or 732- 842-4211 (TTY). The office is located in the Main Academic Complex on the first floor in MAC 111.

Admission to Brookdale is automatic; however, admission to a program requires the meeting of prerequisites for all students. Because of the special needs of students with disabilities, the Disability Services office, counselors with a background in disability services and the Learning Disabilities department work in conjunction to coordinate meeting the needs of students with disabilities. Additional information about facilities and services available to prospective and enrolled students with disabilities can be found on the Disability Services webpage.

Brookdale Community College is accessible to all students. There are designated parking spaces, ramps from parking areas to the walkways, elevators in the academic complex, LAH, CVA, adapted lavatories, electric power doors and blue light emergency phones are located in various locations across the campus and along the Campus Gateway path to parking lot #1. TTY equipment is available in the Disability Services Office.

Disability Services Office
The Disability Services Office ensures compliance with federal and state laws, that no qualified student with a disability be excluded from participation in or be denied the benefits of services, programs or activities of Brookdale Community College, or be subjected to discrimination by the College or its personnel. To get started at Brookdale, students must apply to the College; make an appointment with the Director of Disability Services and when appropriate, provide documentation of the disability; take the Accuplacer Foundational Studies Test; schedule an appointment with an Advisor or the Director of Disability Services. Once courses are approved students may register for classes in the One Stop Student Services Center in the CAR building and make payment arrangements.

Accommodations are approved and coordinated on a case-by-case basis.

Special Parking Privileges
All motor vehicles parked in handicapped parking spaces must display a valid permit and the driver or passenger must be disabled. Anyone found using a handicapped permit issued to another person is subject to a summons and forfeiture of the handicapped permit.

If students have a permanent physical disability and need to use the handicapped spaces, please contact the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission in order to obtain the approved decal or license plate.

The Police Department, located on Brookdale’s Lincroft Campus, will issue Temporary Handicapped Parking Permits (Placards) for a six-month period only on receipt of a doctor’s certification that the applicant is temporarily disabled. The Police Department can issue an additional six-month Temporary Parking Permit if warranted by a doctor’s certification. No Temporary Permits will be issued beyond these limitations.

These are the requirements of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and Traffic Laws which cover Brookdale’s parking lots (Motor Vehicle Statutes 39:4-204, 39:4-206 & 39:4-207)

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

During general emergencies, when it is necessary to evacuate a building, persons with ambulatory disabilities who are unable to negotiate a stairwell will be brought to an area of rescue assistance in buildings so equipped, or designated assembly areas in buildings that are not so equipped. These areas will normally be shown on diagrams near the exits of all classrooms.

Evacuation will be done by fire or police personnel as part of their emergency procedures. Normally, the senior Brookdale employee in the area will be responsible for ensuring that the person with disabilities gets to the area and for informing police and fire personnel of the presences of persons with disabilities in the designated area.

Non-Native Speakers of English

The College offers an intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) Program for non-native speakers of English who need to improve their English language skills.  Upon completion of the program, students will be better prepared to study college-level coursework and foster success in the workplace and everyday life.  To enter the program, students are required to complete an ESL placement exam.  Based on the test results, students will be placed in or exit out of the ESL program.  Contact the ESL Administrator at 732-224-2656 for further information.

Who should take the ESL Placement Test?

  • Anyone who grew up and/or was educated in a country other than the United States.

  • Anyone who speaks a language other than English at home.

  • Anyone who took ESL classes at any time during high school.

How do I take the ESL Placement Test?

  • Ask for an admission application.

  • Fill out the application and pay the $25 fee. Keep your receipt.

  • Ask for a permission slip to take the ESL Placement Test.

  • Go to the Testing Center in the lower level of the CAR building and show your permission slip and identification.

  • Take the test and go home.

  • After your test, call the ESL desk at 732-224-2656 to make an appointment for an oral interview.

  • After your interview, you will be given a signed card that will identify your proper level. You will need to bring that card with you when you register in the CAR building.

Regional Locations

A major function of Brookdale is to serve the needs of its community. Brookdale believes its community is all of Monmouth County and views the entire County as its campus. To best serve students throughout the County, Brookdale operates one main campus in the Lincroft section of Middletown, and five other regional locations  (see below). The regional locations are spread out in communities across Monmouth County. They serve as convenient locations for students to access the Brookdale experience. The regional locations offer the opportunity for credit students to complete at least 50% of their degree program, access the Student Success Centers for admission, advising, and registration services. They also provide specialized non-credit programs, professional development and lifelong learning opportunities along with community based programs and activities. The regional locations serve as Brookdale’s link to the communities of Monmouth County.

Brookdale at Freehold is located at the junction of Route 33 and Route 9 in Freehold Township. For further information, call 732-780-0020.

Brookdale at Neptune is located just north of the junction of Neptune Avenue and Route 33, across from the Neptune High School. For further information, call 732-774-3363.

Brookdale at Hazlet is located at One Crown Plaza in Hazlet, 1/4 mile east of the junction of Route 35 and Union Avenue. For further information, call 732-739-6010.

Brookdale at Long Branch  is located at the corner of Broadway and Third Avenue in Long Branch. For further information, call 732-229-8440.

Brookdale at Wall is located on 800 Monmouth Blvd. in Wall Township. For further information, call 732-280-7090.