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Human Services Practicum: Application of Human Services

Course Description

Students will obtain practical and occupational experience working in a social service agency. Students will learn about the agency's setting, operations, methods of service delivery, and target population; engage in direct service; and explore personal interests and potential for growth as a human services professional (HSP). Under the supervision of a Department of Psychology and Human Services instructor and an approved agency supervisor, students will complement their internship with seminar participation. Students will attend seminar to assess, analyze and reflect upon their agency's inner-workings and overall effectiveness, as well as upon their personal contributions to the agency. One-on-one and whole-class supervision will be provided. [One unit of credit shall be earned for each 75 hours of field work experience for a total of 225 hours and 3 credits. Number of credits to be earned in a semester must be determined with Human Services Program approval before registering.](Prerequisites: PSYC-111, PSYC-215, PSYC-235, and the approval of the instructor; Prerequisite or corequisite: PSYC-212)