2021-2022 College Catalog 
    Feb 05, 2023  
2021-2022 College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Anthropology Option, Social Sciences, A.A.

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This option prepares students for a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology. This program provides the framework for a scientific and comprehensive study of human behavior and society and introduces students to the major subfields of anthropology and the various associated specializations. Upon completion of the program, students will be able to make informed choices regarding their careers and academic areas of specialization. Students will be able to work effectively with diverse ethnic populations in many different disciplines such as education, healthcare, human and social services, and business and community development.

Transfer Information:  Montclair Agreement and Transfer Resources

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Distinguish between career options in terms of anthropological subfields and how cultures are studied through fieldwork
  • Develop the necessary skills to critically think the important role culture has in defining the human experience and how an awareness of cultural universals can decrease cross-cultural misunderstandings
  • Recognize the role globalization and cultural diffusion have on culture change
  • Apply anthropological methods to the solving of social problems


General Education - 45-47 credits

As described in the General Education  section of this catalog. The following General Education courses are required:

Communications                                            Credits: 9
  ENGL 121  Credits: 3
  ENGL 122  Credits: 3
  SPCH 115  Credits: 3
Humanities                                                    Credits: 9
Social Sciences                                             Credits: 6
       Required: ANTH105 - Cultural Anthropology *(Cr.3)
Mathematics/Science/Technology                 Credits: 12**
      Required: MATH131 - Statistics  (Cr.4)
      Science (1 lab science required) (Crs. 4-8)
      Technological Competency (Crs. 0-4)
History                                                            Credits: 6
Cultural and Global Awareness (CG)*            Credits: 3
*  ANTH 105 is also a CG course. Students cannot apply ANTH 105 toward both Social Sciences and CG.
**Students are required to complete a minimum of12 credits in Math/Science/Tech. 

Career Studies - 6 credits as follows:

Elective - 0-3 credits

Total credits required for degree: 60


* Offered Fall Term only
** Offered Spring Term only


Program Code for registration: SSANT

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Suggested Sequence - Social Sciences Program A.A. Degree Anthropology Option

The following sequence is an example of how this degree can be completed in two years. This sequence is based on satisfaction of all Foundational Studies requirements and prerequisites and presumes a Fall Term start date. An individual’s program may vary depending on transfer institution, career objectives, or individual needs. See a counselor for other options and to monitor your progress.

Total credits: 17

Semester 2 - Spring Term

Total credits: 12

Semester 3 - Fall Term

Total credits: 16-17

Semester 4 - Spring Term

Total credits: 12-15

Sequence Notes:

(1) A minimum of 12 credits is required from the Mathematics , Sciences  or Technological Competency  knowledge areas.

Transfer Information

For information on transferring to a four-year college or institution visit the Transfer Resources website. 

Degree Audit Information

Access Student Planning and Degree Progress through MyBrookdale on Brookdale’s home page.  Select WebAdvisor, Self Service, log in and access the Student menu.

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