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Brookdale, the County College of Monmouth, is a dynamic community college system committed to student success, lifelong learning, economic development and the common good of society. Brookdale Community College plays a transformative role in our community, providing educational, cultural and professional programs and offerings to enable, empower and inspire community members to achieve their aspirations to the best of their abilities.


Brookdale Community College empowers a diverse community by providing open access to high-quality and cost-effective educational and lifelong learning options with clear paths to personal, educational, and economic success.


The following values guide the Brookdale community in fulfillment of our Mission; each being of equal weight and importance:

  1. Educational excellence through engagement, assessment and innovation

  2. Economic empowerment through access, opportunity, and entrepreneurial partnerships

  3. Institutional integrity through academic freedom, stewardship, and accountability

  4. Diversity through inclusivity, human equity, and individual perspective

 Evergreen Priorities

To ensure that our goals perpetually move us toward achieving our mission and vision, while remaining faithful to our values the College Board of Trustees established the following Evergreen Priorities:

 1.    Promote Community Success

2.   Develop Innovative Educational Pathways

3.   Enhance Student Services

4.   Optimize Operations

 Accordingly, we at Brookdale are committed to (1) proactively address the needs of our diverse community and empower it through access, inclusion, and equity; (2) ensure access to excellent, innovative, and affordable educational options; (3) provide students with the tools that they need to attain their goals; and (4) secure the future of the College’s operations through implementation of preeminent business practices. 

Brookdale Philosophy

Brookdale Community College values most, the individual learner. The College respects the differences in needs, strengths, and weaknesses in each person. We respect the right of each individual to strive, to struggle to succeed - the right to be unique.

We further value the experience of learning and count it among the most satisfying of human activities. We believe all education is a life-long activity, which enhances every aspect of human existence. We see that developing career skills and developing individual human potential are equally valuable. Each makes its contribution to the fullness of life.

We recognize the interrelatedness of all learning and the benefit gained by freedom of thought and expression. Effective education promotes awareness of the intricate relationships, which exist among people and between individuals and their environment. The development of individual potential is inevitably related to what society permits, encourages, or maintains.

Therefore, we urge students to accept their responsibility for improving society. Brookdale Community College commits itself to the task of creating an atmosphere, which fosters individual and societal growth and achievement.

The College is dedicated to using the community as a laboratory for learning. College staff and administration work closely with local organizations and agencies when applicable.