2013-2014 catalog 
    Jan 30, 2023  
2013-2014 catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

E-Mail and On-line Resources

Technology has dramatically altered the way students access and process data. It is important to understand the options that are available and how to use these various tools.

Student E-Mail 

  Accessing the MyBrookdale Portal , Email and Student Applications        

NETID Password Management

All first-time users must change their default password before using the Brookdale Portal, for security purposes. To change your default password and login to the portal, review the the following information carefully.

What’s a MyBrookdale NETID?

MyBrookdale NETID is a user name and password you can use for everything you do online with Brookdale. Using your NETID you can log in to the MyBrookdale Portal to access your email, online courses, schedules, grades, and more. The Brookdale Portal is your gateway to all of Brookdale’s information technology resources. You can access and manage your MyBrookdale NETID password from https://netid.brookdalecc.edu/.

 Changing Your Password

You must know your username and current default password in order to change the password. Your Brookdale issued username and password were originally emailed in your admit and President’s Welcome letter. If you  don’t remember your username and no longer have these communications, go to the MyBrookdale Portal login page and click on “What’s my Username?”, then continue with the following steps.

·         Select the link “Change your password”

·         Enter your username, default password and new password in the appropriate fields.

·         Your new password must meet the password requirements:

o   Must be at least 8 characters in length.

o   Cannot contain any part of your name.

o   Cannot be a password you used in the past.

o   Must have 3 of the 4 following criteria:


2. Lowercase letters

3. Numbers

4. Special Characters (! @ # $ % ^ & )

·         Enter your new password.

·         Confirm your new password.

 If you have entered a valid password you will be on the Log-In Screen and ready to go.

 Logging In to the Brookdale Portal

Access the portal from the Brookdale homepage and select the “MyBrookdale Portal” tab.  You can access the portal directly at https://mycampus.brookdalecc.edu. Enter your username and new password on the login screen. Once logged into the portal you can access your email, WebAdvisor, grades, online courses, schedules, etc., through the QuickLaunch menu located on the left side of the portal home page.  Your Brookdale Student email is accessed using the “Gmail” icon. Your Brookdale Student email is the College’s official email and will be the primary means of communication with faculty and staff. You must check your email on a regular basis.

If you need assistance logging in to the MyBrookdale portal contact the Office of Information Technologies (OIT) Help Desk by calling extension 2829 on campus or dial (732) 224-2829 or emailing them at helpdesk@brookdalecc.edu . Visit the OIT homepage and see the Help Guides for Students for additional information on the MyBrookdale Portal.

What Can I Do in WebAdvisor?

Search for classes - Students can search through Brookdale’s database of credit courses; to find the class(es) they want in the term they’ll be attending. Results are displayed in “real time,” showing available and closed seats.

Academic Profile - Students can look up grades, GPA, a list of completed courses and current class schedule. Students can also check progress toward degree requirements. (Degree Audit).

Financial Profile - Students can check financial aid status, make a payment and check account summary.

Registration - Based on eligibility requirements, students may be able to register, add and/or drop classess online. To determine eligibility, go to Webadvisor for Students through the MyBrookdale portal and click on the link “FAQ” and read question #25 “Can I register online?” (Students are responsible for printing verification of all Webadvisor transactions after completing registration and add/drop activities.)

Counselor/Advisor Approved Courses - When the counselor (student development specialist) or advisor approves courses in Webadviosr, students are able to view the list of approved courses.  Students can also view any outstanding account restrictions (if applicable), current academic standing, current program, assigned counselor/advisor and registration status (determines eligibility to register online).

Academic Information On-line

Students can access academic information in Webadvisor, through the MyBrookdale portal. This is the only way to access your grades unless you request a hard copy from the Registrar. Students are responsible for checking their grades. If a student believes there is an error on their transcript, they should contact their instructor immediately. To access this information go to https://mycampus.brookdalecc.edu log in to the portal and click on “Webadvisor” from the QuickLaunch menu on the left.

Students, who have questions or difficulty accessing online services should contact the Information Technology Help Desk in the Bankier Library at 732-224-2829 or email helpdesk@brookdalecc.edu for assistance.