2013-2014 catalog 
    Dec 14, 2018  
2013-2014 catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Distance Education

Online courses are designed for active learners with good reading, writing and time management skills. Courses are offered over the Internet for access anytime, anywhere students have access to a computer. Courses are not self-paced, following a calendar with prescribed due dates to encourage interaction with the material, with the instructor, and fellow students. Some courses require proctored testing. All content and interaction for online courses occurs through a learning Management SystemL. Look for sections coded DE in the master schedule and on WebAdvisor, go to location code and select Distance Education.

Students may choose to take courses online because of work schedules, military commitments, childcare, transportation issues, or time or mobility constraints. Online courses provide the learner with educational flexibility and life-long learning opportunities. Online courses offer the flexibility needed by many students while providing an equivalent learning experience to traditional face-to-face courses.

Verifying the identity of students in Brookdale courses and programs is a significant, multifaceted and ongoing process. Identity verification begins when a student applies for admission to the institution and continues through graduation, transfer or withdrawal from study.

Procedures related to student identity verification include but are not limited to: web registration, student information and records requests, and the course management system login and security functions wherein the appropriate College administrator(s) creates a unique username and password for each new student every semester, which is then re-set every semester. This unique set of login credentials consists of data which the student is likely to know and which others are unlikely to know. The student is forced to use these credentials to access the course management system and reset their password to one which is entirely confidential and only known by the student. Data transmission of login information is secured using standard encryption technology.

Students may earn an A.A. degree in Business Administration, English, Liberal Education, History, Psychology, Sociology and Social Sciences online, or students may choose a schedule with a combination of online courses and face-to-face courses. For specific program requirements for the Business Administration, English, Liberal Education, History, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Sciences A.A. degrees, see the Academic Programs and Certificates  section of the catalog. Students interested in the online degree should consult with a Student Development Specialist and may take the courses indicated.

Students can take advantage of a self-test on the Online Course webpage www.brookdalecc.edu/pages/200.asp to determine if online courses are right for them. Call the Teaching and Learning Center at 732-224-2089 for more information.