2013-2014 catalog 
    Nov 14, 2018  
2013-2014 catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Course Descriptions

Course descriptions are listed alphabetically by subject.  Courses meeting the requirements for general education are indicated by the letter(s) identifying the general education knowledge area as follows: Communication (C), Humanities (HU), Social Sciences (SS), Mathematics (M), Sciences (SC), Technological Competency (IT), History (HI), and Cultural and Global Awareness (CG).  Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) degree students are required to complete courses that address the general education goals of Ethical Reasoning and Action (E) and Information Literacy (IL).   (E) and (IL) goals are integrated in a limited number of general education courses.  AA and AS students must complete general education courses with at least one course in which (E) is an integrated goal, and one course that integrates (IL) goals.  AAS students may fulfill the requirement to complete courses with (E) and (IL) integrated goals through completion of either general education or career courses.  

Prerequisites and Corequisites:

Prerequisites are courses that must be passed prior to taking the course.  Corequisites are courses that must be taken with the course.  Students are responsible for ensuring that all prerequisite and corequisite requirements are met. Students who register for classes before grades are finalized must drop any class in which they have not successfully passed the prerequisite or corequisite subject. Students who do not withdraw from classes for which they have not completed required course work may be dropped at any time.

Technological Competency (t)

The courses listed below satisfy technological competency but are not general education courses.  These courses are identified with a (t) in the course description section.  Depending on degree program, the credits for these courses may be used as career studies or elective credits.  See your counselor for transfer information for (t) courses.





   •  SPCH225 - Advanced Public Speaking
   •  SPCH226 - Speech Practicum
   •  SPCH230 - Introduction to Communication Disorders
   •  SPCH295 - Special Project - Speech


   •  TELV115 - TV Aesthetics and Analysis
   •  TELV121 - Television Production
   •  TELV122 - Digital Video Production
   •  TELV224 - Video Editing and Post Production
   •  TELV295 - Special Project - Television
   •  TELV299 - Television Internship


   •  THTR105 - Theater Appreciation
   •  THTR111 - Acting I
   •  THTR112 - Acting II
   •  THTR121 - Basic Directing
   •  THTR135 - Musical Theater
   •  THTR145 - Technical Theater I
   •  THTR146 - Technical Theater II
   •  THTR213 - Acting III
   •  THTR222 - Acting IV: Auditioning
   •  THTR295 - Special Project - Theater
   •  THTR299 - Theater Internship

Utility Technology

   •  UTIL101 - Overhead Lines Technology I
   •  UTIL102 - Overhead Lines Technology II
   •  UTIL111 - Substation Technology I
   •  UTIL112 - Substation Technlogy II
   •  UTIL201 - Overhead Lines Technology III
   •  UTIL202 - Overhead Lines Technology IV
   •  UTIL211 - Substation Technology III
   •  UTIL212 - Substation Technology IV
   •  UTIL299 - Internship in Electric Utility Technology

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